Strategic Planning with Public Programs

We work with cultural organizations, municipalities, and companies to hone their programming aspirations in ways that serve their mission and goals. We help clients determine if and how cultural programming can support their goals, and how to effectively plan and program successful arts initiatives.


Programming and Event Producing

We specialize in providing multi-disciplinary cultural event planning, programming and curatorial services for youth and adult programs.


     Examples of Children's Activities: Art History and other Educational Workshops, Arts & Crafts, Puppet-making, Beatbox, Song-writing, Photography, Nautical Knot-tying, Circus Arts, Environmental Art, Music, Storytelling, Dance & Movement, Cooking & Nutrition.


     Examples of Programming for Adults: Photography, Visual Art, Music, Dance, Film, Sound Art, Circus Arts, Culinary Events, Comedy, Storytelling, Theatre, Festivals, fairs, salons, art walks, Workshops, Panel Discussions for creative industries.


Building Community with Culture

Communities come to us to help them utilize the arts to bring people together, drive local economic engines and promote artists and arts organizations. We help conceive and execute cultural initiatives by drawing on a community's resources and addressing its needs, while building the community's capacity to take ownership of the event and capitalize on related opportunities.


Corporate Grant-making and Community Sponsorships

We advise corporations on the benefits of Arts sponsorship and help them identify and measure meaningful ways to support community and the arts. We also help corporations produce multi-disciplinary arts events for their employees, clients and community at large.