We help clients and partners celebrate the Arts as well as create opportunities to utilize the Arts, Cultural Programming, Entertainment and Arts Education to drive effective, inspiring messaging and community building.

We are first and foremost art lovers. This love informs the approaches we take in designing initiatives, programming and producing inspiring, entertaining cultural events for a variety of constituents. We work with neighborhoods, cities, small businesses, corporations, foundations, and not-for--profit organizations.


Red Engine is led by Zannah Mass who has helped bring transformative projects to cities and communities. Zannah is a producer and curator of festivals, happenings, destinations, and unique cultural experiences that feature music, visual art, performance, film, design, ideas, kids activities and more.


Based in Brooklyn, New York, Red Engine works with artists and clients in the United States and around the world eyeing talent and fusing partnerships between creative professionals and entities who think creatively about reaching the public.


The Arts can be the engine driving economic growth and building thriving communities. Red Engine has the key to drive successful cultural events